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I issue my contracts via an online service called Giggio. The first point applies to my booking method, and the rest apply to any event booked with me. Please get in touch if you have any queries.



Booking process:

1) This booking confirmation shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 14 days. If you wish to confirm after this period, please get in touch with me because I may have released the date and taken another booking. 


2) Any changes to the booking must be agreed in writing, including dates, timings and music choices. If I am unable to accommodate a timing change once the booking form is signed (and the original timings are not acceptable to you) then I will treat it as a cancellation.

3) I will invoice you for the deposit (25% of total fee) once we've confirmed the booking. This is due within 7 days. Payment for the balance (75%) is due 7 days in advance of the event. 


4a) Deposit handling for bookings under normal circumstances where the COVID-19 pandemic does not affect them:
There is a non-refundable deposit of 25% and cancellation fees apply (25% if less than four weeks, 50% within a week and 100% if less than 48 hours). If for any reason I am unable to play for you I will find you a suitable replacement for the same fee, or refund in full your booking fee.

4b) Deposit handling for bookings that have had to be moved/cancelled for pandemic reasons:


i, If you move your date, and I can do it, then I will do so for the original fee agreed (no extra charge). I will honour your deposit indefinitely, so it’s ok if you need to postpone your booking but don’t know a new date yet.


ii, If you choose to cancel outright then I will refund your deposit less £20 (my costs to create and manage a booking for you) or offer you alternative online services (an online performance or a music lesson - see point iv).

iii, If you move your date due to COVID-19 and I cannot do the new date, I will treat it as a cancellation and refund your deposit less £20 or offer alternative services (see point iv).  Regardless of how close it is to your booking date, I won’t charge additional cancellation fees. In this case, I will also send you my recommended list of colleagues who may be able to work for you.

iv, If you have had to cancel your booking with me I am happy to offer the following as alternative to refunding your deposit:
* an online performance, either 30 mins concert style (sit and watch) or 45 mins to accompany another event, e.g. whilst eating dinner or having a drink
* a music workshop for an hour (singing or any instrument you are currently working on)

v, If we’ve agreed a new date and later I realise I cannot work for you (e.g. if I become ill) then I will try to find a trusted colleague who can play for you for the same fee and I will transfer my fee over to them. If I cannot do this I will refund in full any payment you have made to me.

vi, I will be using the official website and the Oxfordshire County Council websites as my source of information on the matter of whether weddings and events are restricted or not. 

Changes to event timings on the day:


5) If changes are required to the performance schedule on the day of the event these changes should be discussed with me as soon as possible. I will do my best to accommodate you but I cannot guarantee I can always change to a new timing. If this is the case, I will treat this as a cancellation within 48 hours. 


6) In the event that I am unable to complete a performance due to a delay in the start of the performance schedule, where such delay is not my fault, the full fee is still due. 


7) I am not obligated to finish any performance that has started late due to the clients' actions, nor to extend the length of any performance.


8) Should you wish to extend the length of the performance, a further fee may be charged as agreed between us.


Set up time:


9) I need the venue to be accessible to me in order to set up 60 mins before start time. If the car park is more than 1 min walk away, I need 1hr 15 mins and a secure space inside the venue in order to leave my instrument. 


10) If moving between rooms (including a garden) in the same venue, I may need up to 15 mins to move and reset. Dependant on the distance, I may need someone to assist me. If you are unsure please discuss this with me in advance.



11, If I am playing for more than 90 mins then I will need to take a 5 - 10 min break once per hour, e.g.

5.00pm - Start playing

5.50pm - Take a short break

6.00pm - Start second set

6.50pm - Take a short break

7.00pm - Play final set

7.30pm - Finish


If you are unsure about any detail in this contract please contact me in advance of signing.

Many thanks,

Steph West

Terms and Conditions in Full

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