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What do you sound like?

I started life as a classical musician, then discovered trad / folk and jazz along the way. I play a complete mix and love music that has a strong feel to it. My specialism is folk / trad harp and I've written a bit more about that below.


Have a listen through the soundcloud playlist below for a selection of wedding favourites and find what you like.

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Irish and Scottish traditional harp (celtic harp)

This is what the lever harp originally played: soulful slow airs, lively dance tunes and elegant harp music.

Why book me to play Irish and Scottish traditional music?

  • you might want the music to include or reflect part of your heritage or identity

  • this repertoire works really well on lever harp and can really bring a "wow" factor

  • it offers something different to pop and classical

  • new listeners are nearly always delighted by what they hear, it's something unexpected

Why do I play this kind of music?


  • it's so much fun and is very varied

  • it brings energy and vitality to lift a room

  • this was the music that I fell in love with, that made me want to play harp

  • there are elements of improvisation built into this music which keeps it fresh
  • it was created to be played on this instrument so feels really nice to play

Other folk/traditional music on harp

I'm one of the few people who played English traditional music on the harp. This brings a similar energy to Irish and Scottish trad but with a different style and feel. Some of this repertoire is the same as you have heard on the BBC show "Poldark".

I also have European music in my repertoire including tunes from Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium and Portugal.

If there is a traditional or folk tune you love I am only too happy to learn it!

Set up at Warwick Castle conservatory and terrace, just waiting for the guests! Summer 2019
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