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For all bookings in 2020 and 2021 I will operate a slightly different deposit scheme to reflect the uncertainty that both clients and I face when organising events at present. I will be charging my standard 25% deposit at the point of booking, but it will be mostly refundable if the booking is cancelled. If pandemic control measures affect your wedding or event then I will handle this as follows:


1, If you move your date, and I can do it, then I will do so for the original fee agreed (no extra charge). I will honour your deposit indefinitely, so it’s ok if you need to postpone your booking but don’t know a new date yet. 

2, If you choose to cancel outright then I will refund your deposit less £20 (my costs to create and manage a booking for you) or offer you alternative online services (an online performance or a music lesson - see point 4). Regardless of how close it is to your booking date, I won’t charge additional cancellation fees.

3, If you move your date due to COVID-19 and I cannot do the new date, I will treat it as a cancellation and refund your deposit less £20 or offer alternative services (see point 4).  Regardless of how close it is to your booking date, I won’t charge additional cancellation fees. In this case, I will also send you my recommended list of colleagues who may be able to work for you.

4, If you have had to cancel your booking with me I am happy to offer the following as alternative to refunding your deposit:

  • an online performance, either 30 mins concert style (sit and watch) or 45 mins to accompany another event, e.g. whilst eating dinner or having a drink

  • a music workshop for an hour (singing or any instrument you are currently working on)

5, If we’ve agreed a new date and later I realise I cannot work for you (e.g. if I become ill) then I will try to find a trusted colleague who can play for you for the same fee and I will transfer my fee over to them. If I cannot do this I will refund in full any payment you have made to me.

6, I will be using the official website and the Oxfordshire County Council websites as my source of information on the matter of whether weddings and events are restricted.

I hope this gives you a clear picture of what options you have with me and helps you choose what to do. 

All the very best to you and your families, 


COVID-19 Update, April 2020

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